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A Minimalist Touch to Home Decoration

16 Mar 2023

Recently, when it comes to home decoration ideas, spaces that are far from ostentation, where simplicity and minimal lines dominate, make us feel more comfortable and make it easier for us to experience a spacious space perception. Especially if you are in a sunny house and this house has large windows, you can take action to step into a minimalist life. Let’s explore minimalist home decorating ideas together.

Large windows, French balconies, beautiful gardens allow the space to receive more daylight. The broad-leaved plants that you will use in front of the glass or on our balconies bring us closer to a natural day and allow us to experience simplicity, which is the most important philosophy of minimal life. Another complementary feature of this simplicity is the use of goods. Based on the motto “less stuff, more space", it is possible to allocate more space for yourself in your home. Choosing the furniture you will position in Scandinavian lines, wood and light colors will relieve your perception of space. Likewise, it is important to choose natural light in monochrome colors. In particular, using white, beige, anthracite colors can also carry an energy that we will dance with light to our home, or integrating daylight with walls in organic form (stone, wood, etc.) can awaken the transparency of glass in your soul.

At this point, it is important that the objects you will use in the house are more natural. You can use your choices in favor of glass objects. Glass oil lamps with an elegant and stylish design can be great for minimalist home design. You can position these minimalist glass lamps both in living rooms, bedrooms, or even anywhere in the house. It is also possible to color and diversify the spacious air of the house with different colors of oil lamp oils that you will put in them. The colors of these oil lamps will also increase the natural energy of the house.

Another spatial process that we will construct is the simple and calm purification points. One of the places where minimalist forms make us feel most comfortable is in wet areas. It is important that our bathroom receives light just like our living room and bedroom, and that it is organized with plants. In this way, while our body is resting, it is possible to purify our soul. With a few glass lamps, candles, plants and the naturalness of water, you can change the mood of your everyday life. 

At the same time, with the use of cubist and geometric tables and furniture in some corners of your home, you can bring balance to spacious areas by regulating the energy of your home with all the materials used by capturing a minimalist line with arithmetic effect.


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