May Elqasem

The candles were very very well packed. The seller created his own box to make sure that they won’t break during shipping. The candles and blue oil lamp was included with the wick as well. If you want a special, unique piece of decoration , I highly recommend this piece of art.

Amna Elsaba


They have glass oil candles in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I picked up some table lamps. Prices are great. They pack them tight in boxes. Great for presents. Prices are great.

Emily Rose

bought for my mon , and she loved it.

Rene Locke

Great product! They are very delicate but look amazing! I highly recommend.

H. Gunes

Amanda Peyregne

The products are stylish and suitable for any environment.


I bought it as a gift for my mom, she liked it very much. very stylish and decorative

Anali Contreras

Very nice. I've been looking for a liquid paraffin candle for a while. I can always choose it for a gift.This set is very stylish and will add to the decor of any home. It is glass and therefore fragile and should be used with caution. I put the fountain cap on the paraffin bottle and filled the first candle halfway. By squirting the liquid into the candle, he managed to get on top of the candle due to a trickle from the bottle and down the side. That liquid is so slippery, and I almost dropped the candle. I managed to clean the outside of the glass and everything is fine, but if some liquid gets on the outside of the candle, be very careful not to drop it. As you can see in the picture, this is a beauty. It came in very nice packaging and perfect condition. I tip my hat to their fine craftsmanship.


They are very beautiful, very elegant, except that they are a little thin.

Seattle PO

Gİft idea! Oil based and non flammable


The products arrived perfectly. Thank you to the Glassic family.

Sierra Lynn