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A unique gift idea for moms

25 Apr 2023

Our mothers are very important in our lives, they are our heroes who make great sacrifices to raise us. Mother's Day is one of the most special days we celebrate to show them our gratitude and express our love. Mother's Day is not just a day, it is an opportunity to remind our mothers that we always value them. Of course, the beautiful memories we will spend with our mothers on this special day are priceless. Doing something special for our mothers and giving them gifts makes these memories even more special.

Choosing a gift for Mother's Day can sometimes be a challenging process. The important thing is not to buy a gift, but to always show your love and gratitude to your mother, but every piece or experience you choose with her in mind makes these special moments more meaningful.

That's why Glassic offers you a different and unique gift option.

Mother Day's


What makes Glassic Glass Candle special?

Glassic blown glass oil candles, each of which is a unique design, brings glass together with art and brings the sparkle of this art to your living spaces. The ideal gift option for your mother with different glass oil candle models and oil colors that make the models even more unique. With this gift, you can bring the glittering magic of glass beauty to your mother's home. This gift idea, where glass and art meet, is the perfect way to express your love and gratitude to your mother.

Cater to your mom's taste!

All Glassic glass oil candle will look great in your mother's living space, but we have a few personalized suggestions:

With the Awe glass oil candle set, you can add a modern elegance to the table and accompany her to dinner. A must-have for exciting events, this glass oil lamp collection will be an indispensable decoration for your mom.

The cylindrical form of the Grace glass oil candle set is the most suitable model to accompany yoga. It is a spacious decorative product with its soft lines without corners. You can help your mother create a peaceful atmosphere by gifting this set.

Fame glass oil candle set can decorate every part of your home with its different sizes and models. The ideal choice for moms looking for difference and diversity.

Hope glass oil candle set is the most special option for those who love conical shapes.

With the Pride glass oil candle set, we have brought together the most elegant forms of glass oil lamps for you. Choose the most different one for your mother!

Love glass oil candle set is the most transparent way to show your love as the name suggests. It will be the classiest gift for your mother with its nobility of stance and its appearance reminiscent of precious stones.

With Serenity glass oil candle set, you can reinforce your pure love for your mother with this collection.

Euphoria glass oil candle set is our glass oil lamp set with the most suitable form for classic-loving mothers. Its sparkle will envelop your mom too.

Glory mini glass oil candles set can add a little sparkle to your mom's bathroom with its minimal structure.

Joy glass oil candle set is waiting for you here for our mothers who are looking for simplicity and ostentation at the same time.

With 10 different models of hand-blown glass candles, you will remind you of you in your mother's home and touch your mother's heart.


Glassic handmade blown glass candles that you will gift to your mother will always remain a special memory, not just a gift. Each decorative piece you carefully choose for our mothers will contribute to a special and unforgettable experience by bringing brightness and vitality to their living space.



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